Nokia 603 - Photo tips

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Photo tips
To open the camera, press and hold the camera key.

Use both hands to keep the camera steady.

If you don't use the camera for about a minute, it goes to sleep. To wake the

camera up, press the camera key briefly.

Camera and photos


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To get the best photo, the way you like it, take your pick – the camera offers you three

different shooting modes:

If you prefer to let the camera decide what the best settings are, use Automatic

mode. All you need to do is to point and shoot.

Scenes mode offers you some ready-made scenes for various situations.

Example: Landscape mode: to get distant scenery in focus. Snow mode: for very

white environments. Spotlight mode: at concerts where the performer is under

spotlights, in front of a dark background.

Creative mode lets you define the camera settings yourself and save the different

settings profiles for easy use later on.

To change the shooting mode, select . If necessary, tap the right side of the screen

to leave the settings.