Nokia 603 - Take a photo

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Take a photo
To open the camera, press the camera key.

Your phone has a full focus camera. With the camera, you can take photos where

objects both in the foreground and background are in focus.


Camera and photos

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Press the camera key. Do not move the phone before the photo is saved and the

camera is ready for a new photo.

The photos are saved in Gallery.

View your camera roll
Your camera roll shows the photos you've taken recently. To open the camera roll,

select . To view the previous photo or video, swipe right.

Zoom in or out when taking a photo
To zoom in, place a finger on the screen, and slide it up. When the screen includes

the area you want to zoom in to, lift your finger. To zoom out, place a finger on the

screen, and slide it down.

You can also use the volume keys to zoom – you may find it easier to change the zoom