Nokia 603 - Use separate calendars for work and free time

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Use separate calendars for work and free time
You can have more than one calendar. Create one for work and another for your free


Select >



Create a new calendar

1 Select



> .

2 Write a name, then set a color code for the calendar.
3 Set the visibility for the calendar. When a calendar is hidden, the calendar events

and reminders are not shown in different calendar views or on the home screen.

4 Select .

Change the settings for a calendar

1 In the Calendars view, select the calendar you want to change.
2 Change the name, color, and visibility.
3 Select .

Add an entry to a particular calendar

1 When adding a calendar event, select and the calendar.
2 Fill in the fields, then select



Color codes show which calendar an event belongs to.