Nokia 603 - Use your phone offline

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Use your phone offline
In places where you do not want to make or receive calls, you may still access your

music, videos, and offline games if you switch to the offline profile.

Press the power key

, then select

Turn offline mode on


When the offline profile is turned on, your connection to the mobile network is closed.

All radio frequency signals between the phone and the mobile network are prevented.

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If you try to send a message, it is placed in the Outbox folder, and is sent only when

you switch to another profile.

You can also use your phone without a SIM. Turn the phone off, and remove the SIM.

When you turn back on, the offline profile is activated.

Important: In the offline profile you cannot make or receive any calls, or use other

features that require cellular network coverage. You may be able to call the official

emergency number programmed into your device. To make calls, you must first

change to another profile.

When the offline profile is turned on, you can still connect to a Wi-Fi network to, for

example, read your mail or browse the internet. You can also use Bluetooth.

If NFC is turned on, it is on also in the offline profile. To turn NFC off, select >






, then switch





Turn the phone off when cell phone use is not allowed or when it may cause

interference or danger. Remember to comply with any applicable safety