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With Nokia Music, you can buy and download songs to your phone. Browse Nokia

Music, and discover new music and old favorites.

This service may not be available in all regions or countries, and different services

and options are available, depending on your country of residence.

To download music, you need to create a free Nokia account.

You can create a Nokia account, join Nokia Music, and sign in to your account using

the following:

Your phone

A compatible web browser

If you already have a Nokia account, you can use that account for Nokia Music.

If you have any credit or downloads, or you have subscribed to unlimited downloading

with your Nokia account, do not close the account. If you do, all these will be lost.

All intellectual property and other rights in and to the songs belong and are expressly

reserved to third party licensors, such as the relevant record label or artist, author,

composer, or publisher. You will only be entitled to use music downloaded from Nokia

Music in accordance with the restrictions on use that apply to that particular piece of

music as set out under "Rights" on the product pages of Nokia Music. Music that you

purchased from other sources must be used in accordance with the terms of such

purchase. You are responsible for your compliance with the applicable intellectual

property and other rights in the music you use.