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Would you like to see the photos or videos in your phone on another device, such as

your TV? Or listen to the music on your phone through your home stereo? With DLNA

play, you can stream your media content to your DLNA devices wirelessly.

You need the following:

A Wi-Fi network. For best results, your wireless router should be connected to

your DLNA device over a cable connection.

Wi-Fi on in your phone, and the phone has to be connected to the same Wi-Fi

network that your DLNA device is on.

There are different types of DLNA devices. If you can connect to the device on your

phone and can control the streaming, the device is a renderer. If you can view the

media on your phone from your device, the device is a player. To find out what kind

of DLNA device you have, you can also check the device user guide.

For more info on how to set up the Wi-Fi connection, go to