Nokia 603 - Stream content

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Stream content
You can stream photos and videos on your phone to another device that supports

DLNA, such as a TV.

Use your phone to stream content to your DLNA device

1 Select >

DLNA play

and your DLNA device.

If your phone can't detect any devices, there might not be any renderer DLNA

devices in your Wi-Fi network. Check if you can use your DLNA device to see the

content on your phone.

2 To stream photos, select


. To stream videos, select


. To stream

music, select



3 Select the photo, video, or song.

The connection to your DLNA device opens automatically. When content is being

pushed to your DLNA device,

is shown.



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You can also zoom a photo, or stream just a part of a photo.

Stream a part of a photo

1 Select the photo, place two fingers on the screen, then slide them apart or

together to crop the area.

Tip: To move the cropped area, tap and hold the area, then drag it.

2 To start streaming the cropped area, lift your finger.

The photo is pushed to your DLNA device after 3 seconds. To start immediately,

tap the area.

Use your DLNA device to stream content saved on your phone

1 Select >





DLNA server


DLNA server




2 Use your DLNA device to detect your phone, then view the content on your phone

through the DLNA device.

Tip: To quickly access the DLNA server, add the DLNA server widget to your home

screen. To add, tap and hold an empty area on a home screen, then select

Add widget

and the widget.