Nokia 603 - About NFC

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About NFC
Near Field Communication (NFC) makes connecting and sharing easy and fun. Nokia

phones and accessories that support NFC are connected wirelessly when you touch

them together.

Due to regulatory restrictions in Argentina, the NFC feature in this device is

deactivated in that country.

With NFC, you can:

Share the content you've created between two compatible phones that support


Connect to compatible Bluetooth accessories that support NFC, such as a

headset or a wireless loudspeaker.

Pay with your phone, if supported by your network service provider.

Touch tags to get more content for your phone or to access online services.

Play multi-player games against other owners of compatible phones that support


The NFC area is on the back of your phone, around the camera. Touch other phones,

accessories, or readers with the NFC area.


Get started

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You can use NFC when the phone screen is on. You may be able to pay or use your

phone as a ticket even when your phone is locked, depending on your service provider.

For more info, watch the NFC tutorial videos on your phone.

Tip: You can download more content supported by NFC from Nokia Store.