Nokia 603 - Find your way using Public Transportation

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Find your way using Public Transportation
Scheduling your journey using trolleys, trains, and buses can be hard – why not let

your phone do the planning?

1 Select >

Public Transit


2 Select

Journey planner


3 If you don't want to start your journey from where you are right now, write your

start point in the


box, then select from the matches.



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4 Write your destination in the


box, then select from the matches.

5 To see earlier or later journeys, drag the screen left or right. Hold your finger in

place until the journeys are calculated.

6 To see a journey in detail, select the journey.

Tip: In the journey details view, to see the next or previous journey, swipe left or right.

Tip: Need help when walking to the bus stop? To see the stop in Maps, in the journey

details view, select the walking section of your journey.

If the needed map data is not stored on your phone, and you have an active data

connection to the internet, a map for the area is automatically downloaded.

Planning to set off later in the day? You can set what time you want your journey to

start or what time you want to arrive.

Change the time of the journey
Select , then select





Public transportation routing is available for selected regions around the world.

In some areas, timetables are not available, and the journey plans are only estimates.

In these areas, you can't see earlier or later journeys, or change the time of the


The Public Transit service is free of charge.

Using services or downloading content may cause transfer of large amounts of data,

which may result in data traffic costs.