Nokia 603 - Get traffic and safety info

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Get traffic and safety info
Enhance your driving experience with real-time info about traffic events, lane

assistance, and speed limit warnings.

Select >



Show traffic events on the map
During drive navigation, select



. The events are shown as triangles and


You can set your phone to notify you when you exceed the speed limit.

Get speed limit warnings

1 Select

> >



2 In the

Speed limit alert status

field, select



3 To set by how much you can go over the speed limit before being warned, select

Speed limit < 80 km/h


Speed limit > 80 km/h


You can set Drive to avoid traffic events, such as traffic jams or roadworks in route

planning and guidance. Drive checks the route regularly during navigation, updating

the guidance automatically.

Avoid traffic events

> >

Route settings


Avoid traffic


The availability of traffic information may vary according to the region and country.

The location of speed cameras may be shown on your route during navigation, if this

feature is enabled. Some jurisdictions prohibit or regulate the use of speed camera

location data. Nokia is not responsible for the accuracy, or the consequences of using

speed camera location data.