Nokia 603 - Read a received message

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Read a received message
When someone sends you a message, a notification is shown on the home screen.

You can open the message directly from the home screen.



to open the message.

Messages are combined into conversations, containing all the messages to and from

a contact in a single view. To read a conversation, select it from the list in the



Reply to the message

1 With the message open, select


2 Write your reply, then select >


Tip: To quickly reply to a message, select

Tap to write


Forward the message

1 With the message open, select




2 To add a contact as a recipient, select


. You can also type in a phone number.

3 Edit the message if needed, then select >


Save an attached photo or other file

1 In the conversation, select the message containing the file.
2 Select and hold the file, then select


and a memory. Files are saved to their

respective apps, such as Gallery.

Read the message later

1 Select >



2 Select the conversation containing the message.
3 Select the message.