Nokia 603 - Make a conference call

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Make a conference call
You can have a conference call with up to six people, including yourself. Conference

calls are a network service.

Video conference calls are not supported.

1 Make a call to the first person.
2 To make a call to another person, select . Type in the phone number, or to

search for a contact, select . The first call is put on hold.

3 When the new call is answered, select




Add another person to a conference call
Call the person, then select .

Have a private conversation with one person in the conference call


Show participants

. Go to the person, then select . The conference call

is put on hold on your phone. The other people continue the conference call.
To return to the conference call, select



. Or, if there are more than

three people in the call, select .

Drop someone from a conference call you have started


Show participants

. Go to the person, then select .

End an active conference call
Press the end key.